Since completing my degree in Metalwork and Jewellery at the University for the Creative Arts I have been continuing the development of my Sparkling Movement collections. I create memorable and eye catching contemporary silver jewellery pieces to be worn for special occasions.


Fireworks always fascinated and excited me as a child. These feelings haven’t faded in adulthood. The way they crackle and sparkle, the patterns of light they create in the sky and their often unpredictable paths have continued to enchant me.


Using simple techniques I evoke the magic of fireworks. I create silver sequins which I attach to pieces in a way which allows them to flicker with the movement of the body, creating a magical sparkling effect as the wearer moves. I use hard drawn silver wire to create the flow of movement in my work. This wire has a strong but flexible quality, allowing me to shape and twist it to create random yet controlled forms.